Company Vision

At Harvey’s of Durban we are committed to providing the best possible service in the Durban Motor Industry. We build longstanding relationships with our customers. Our challenge is to provide Superb Customer Care & Personal Service Based on Mutual Trust.

We have built long standing relationships with our customers and our challenge is the provision of superb customer care and personal service based on mutual trust.

Harvey’s is a family business founded by Harvey Maingard in 1968. The business is now owned and run by his daughter Nicole Barth.

We have actively sought out and achieved accreditation from controlling bodies in the motor industry such as RMI, S.A.M.B.R.A. MSR Grading, AA Quality Assured and an Approved Manufacturer Panel Beater.

We are proud to be a BEE Company.

The General Manager is Manesh Gyanishwar, who runs the entire operation.


Our customers are assured a high value standard of workmanship, ethics and offering written guarantees on our work that will honour without question.

“Our Service is our Pride, our Pride is our Difference”

Harvey's History

Harvey's Auto is a true-blue family affair which started in 1968. At the head was general manager Janine, the oldest daughter of Liz and Harvey Maingard. Nicole Barth was the the no-nonsense head of the panel-beating division, and the youngest daughter Danielle took care of the workshop administration. The 2 sons, Wayne and Roger also had their rightful place at the well run family business.

The five siblings had been joint owners of the firm for a good few years when Harvey - still in his prime - decided to turn the company over to them and take a back seat...well not quite! Harvey still opened up every morning and was there to meet and greet every workshop customer. Harvey checked vehicles for faults and personally undertook quality checks for the 10 to 15 vehicles repaired each day at the Woodford Grove premises.

Harvey Maingard has never been pretentious and his interests are simple - gardening and keeping small exotic birds. With many grandchildren, this family affair is likely to continue well into the future.


Harvey's is now owned and run by his daughter Nicole Barth.

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